a change is coming

Things have been pretty busy for me. I have been scrambling around trying to spend time with friends, get packing,  do errands etc. All for this move! I’m really anxious, I can’t wait for these two weeks to just fly by! Part of my plan for these next couple days is to hopefully watch inception at the imax… I want to see it so badly!

Anyways as time goes on I’ll probably be talking a lot more about moving and what I am doing about all of that. Seriously if any of you have any advice on cross country moving I am all ears!

Here is what I wore today. A silence and noise cardigan over a dress I got from nordstrom rack.

It was a great combo for a mild summer day. I didn’t get a shot with my shoes but I wore my cynthia vincent ethnic print wedges!


3 responses to “a change is coming

  1. I’m in the same boat right now – moving stinks!!

    Love the dress and striped cardi together!

  2. THat striped sweater is such a fabulous piece.

  3. You already moved, but I moved cross country from San Diego to Detroit, and it was a big adjustment. Going back to school made it easier to make friends.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

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