sun wah bbq

Today’s food porn comes from Sun Wah BBQ on Broadway in Chicago.

Sun Wah BBQ is a great spot for some traditional Chinese food, if you don’t want to make the trek to Chinatown (for you northsiders). It is an independently own restaurant, family owned and famous for their duck. Unfortunately I did NOT try it. But I am definitely going to next time I go back. They have a wide menu, which ranges from traditional Chinese dishes, to Chinese BBQ to Congee.

We ordered eggplant.

And shrimp dumpling noodle soup.

The eggplant was tasty, cooked just right, and hot! (temperaturewise) But, I really really had wished (when I was eating it) that the shrimp dumpling noodle soup never ended. I love won ton mein, and this was just the same, with shrimp dumplings (which also had forest mushrooms). I wanted the noodles to go on forever and drink the broth, but eventually I ate it all. I can’t wait to get another bowl of dumpling noodle soup from Sun Wah!

*Note: We also order fried rice, but that is something you just can’t mess up.


One response to “sun wah bbq

  1. Mmmm, nom nom nom. The soup looks outstanding!

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