date night

I wore a f21 blouse, american apparel skirt and minnetonka moccasins.

Last night was date night, we went out for Japanese food and I was so happy! I had been craving sashimi for about 4 weeks up until last night… We went to this nice place down the street from our apartment. Everything was so good, I can’t wait to go back! I just love how there are soo many different kinds of restaurants in DC. I know it’s not as foodie as NYC but it’s pretty great. I’ve also been meaning to go to the farmer’s market… gotta do that.

Oh and good news, I got a new job! It’s an office-y job and I started last week.. It’s been going well so far! Thanks to everyone who had been leaving encouraging comments on my job hunt, I so appreciated it all! Now, I’m just looking for a place to live! I’m super excited to finally have my own place!


3 responses to “date night

  1. Love that blouse! I think it would have looked perfect with a pencil skirt to streamline the silhouette. But you still totally look lovely.

  2. Congrats on your new job! And I *love* your shoes! Ok, maybe I love them bc I own them as well… but hey, good taste! 😀 And you look fabulous here! The sushi looks delicious too, now I’m craving Japanese food!!

  3. Where did you go? I love sushi, but I feel like I don’t know that many good places around here 🙂

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