I had an epiphany today. If I keep up my spending habits, I will be in huge debt. Reading outfit blogs makes me want to buy more and more clothes to keep up with everyone else. But, I don’t have to. I am my own person, and who cares if I wear the same things over and over again? I’m not making a ton of money, and I am happy with what I’ve got. Does anyone else feel the same pressure to keep up? Reading everyone else’s blogs makes me want to get more this or that, but I can’t afford it right now. I’ll stick to what I can afford, and just keep being me. Besides, I think I’d rather be spending my money on food and my rent for my new APARTMENT!!


4 responses to “epiphany

  1. Very valid point. I have been reading your blog posts for some time but never commented before. I can imagine that rehire is a lot of pressure on bloggers so that they always have fresh content for the blog.

    It’s the same for food and book bloggers, I think …only the ores sure is q different kind.

  2. Oops sorry for the typos…rehire=there

    Ores sure =pressure
    q= a

    I hate apple’s auto correction feature. Sorry for that!

  3. Yup. This was basically the revelation that gave birth to my shopping ban. Blogging can be a huge source of shopping pressure, and sometimes it’s good to decide to just lay off for awhile.

  4. Reading fashion blogs bother me and inspire me in the same measure. I want to be up to date, and cute, and update my closet with all the inspirational photos I see every day, but my pocket book can’t keep up.

    My own closet is pared down and streamlined, though not completely bare, with enough separates so that I don’t repeat an outfit for months unless I absolutely love it.

    But you’re right! We should wear what we want. It’s not embarrassing to wear the same things over and over. It’s about how we carry ourselves.

    OOH, post about your apartment~!

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