What’s New in my Makeup Bag?

I recently made a purchase from Sephora, and I’m really excited about my new additions to my makeup bag!

Lately I have really been all about eyes.. caring for them, moisturizing the skin around them… applying product to them, you name it. As you will see, most of my buys are for my eyes!

Sidenote: I’m am extremely excited that Sephora is now carrying Bobbi Brown products!

Do you have any new products in your makeup bag you are excited about?

Pictured above: Bobbi Brown concealer kit, Yves Saint Laurent ombres 5 lumieres, Laura Mercier Concealer, Clinique touchbase eyeshadow for eyes.

6 responses to “What’s New in my Makeup Bag?

  1. This is SO great! Ive been wanting to try a lot of these products!
    Great reviews and pics!!!

  2. I always love to see women wear pretty make up, like Bobbi Brown has to offer.


  3. LOVE bobbi brown anything!
    i want the urban decay naked pallette

  4. eeeeee so jealous of all of these!
    i’m seriously considering getting some bobbi brown makeup đŸ™‚

  5. Very pretty! I am so clueless on makeup.. I’m good as long as you can’t see my zits and red spots.. Haha!

  6. How are you liking the Bobbi Brown concealer kit? I was considering buying it, but still on the fence.

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