A Little Nightlife

Here’s a little taste of what my night looked like last Saturday.

I wore an H+M sweater, urban outfitters top, target belt, madewell jeans, minnetonka moccasins.

To be honest, I love the nightlife. I love going out and staying out all night. I haven’t done much of that lately, either because I work too much or I was just being lame. Now that I’ve moved to DC, I’m in the heart of everything, and I’m loving every minute of it. I love not having to drive to work, walking to the grocery store, the diversity of people and the unique neighborhoods. Honestly, DC is just what I have looking for.

I also wanted to point out, my good fortune since moving to the District. I moved here with no job prospects, no permanent home, uneasy feelings about having friends… just complete chaos. But, I came, I reunited with quite a few friends, made new friends, found a job, and then a big girl job, moved into a wonderful apartment in the heart of the city with the love of my life.. and all of this in just eight measly weeks. Thanks for sticking with me while my posts have be sub-par since I was in the middle of moving and many transitions! This blog was never for fame or fortune, but it has been a fun project so far.


5 responses to “A Little Nightlife

  1. dang you’ve been busy in these past 8 weeks- congrats on all the good things happening! it looks like a great night out, and i love that wrap sweater you wore.

  2. Emily! I’m so happy everything turned out so well! Your life feels so on track!!

    I also bought that h&m sweater. I love it!

  3. I absolutely LOVE the broom! Tell me where you got it!

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