New Phone

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I got a new phone… I’ve been raving about it since Sunday. Unfortunately for me I broke my Blackberry (Ask if you want the details) last weekend and I had to buy a new phone. Feeling unsatisfied with the future potential of Blackberry I thought I’d go with an Android phone. A good friend recommend the T-Mobile G2 Google Phone and I am hooked!

New Phone

Old Phone


I love the OS, the ease of use, the touch screen, touch keyboard AND slide out keyboard. It’s light, and the potential for apps is unbelievable. I’ve got tweetdeck, to do lists, calendars, the NYTimes, BBC News, music (mp3s! oh my!), HD video camera, a WordPress App (!!!) … the list goes on and on. Friends, I am very satisfed with my phone selection AND T-Mobile has never done me wrong (yet). Verizon on the other hand… well that’s another story.

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2 responses to “New Phone

  1. I loooove your new phone !
    Great blog ! I like 🙂


    See you soon ( maybe )

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