New Shoes

Say hello to my NEW shoes!

Wait for it…

I ordered the Jeffrey Campbell Mariel last August as a pre-happy birthday gift to myself from Urban Outfitters. They finally arrived on Tuesday. I can’t wait to wear them out! I love that they are Miu Miu inspired. This is the closest I will get ever get to a pair of Miu Miu shoes probably. If only I made way more money than I already do! Haha.


Also, this weekend is the Jon Stewart Rally for Sanity in DC. Is anyone going? There are supposed to be tons of people attending. The Huffington Post is aparently busing people down from NYC! I’ll be there so let me know if you will be too!

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8 responses to “New Shoes

  1. Thank you ! I loooove your shoes 😮
    Where are you buy her ?
    And , how did you make this layout?


  2. Ps: i love Jeffrey Campbell shoes .

  3. They are gorgeous!!!

  4. I’ve seen these around the blogosphere, and rather adored the real ones on Fashion Toast, but sling backs suck on me, so I wasn’t inclined to buy them.

    Now that I’m on a huge shopping ban, I regret not getting them.

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

    Check out my Giftcard Giveaway to CSN Stores. You might find something really nice there!

  5. JC shoes are the best, me like!

    Puck //

  6. I LOVE YOUR SHOES!! Also, you went to the Rally? How was it? I watched it on TV, it looked like there were soooooo many people there!

  7. Hi Emily,

    HOT shoes! And is it wrong that I wanna frame that box????

    How tall are those?

  8. The shoes are awesome, and so is that box!

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