This is where I keep all my bags right now. I need to figure out a better spot… how do you keep your bags organized?

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9 responses to “Organization?

  1. The same thing I do, too! I need a better solution!

  2. Let me know if you come up with something! Right now my bags are just thrown all around my room, it’s really awful and hard to find them!

  3. My purse shelf looks something very similar…

  4. my purse shelf look exactly like this too… So i have no tips for you either!

  5. I keep my bags organized with a coat rack. It looks really cool and I get lots of compliments on it.

  6. Yeah, I need a better system for my bags, too 🙂 Right now they’re all stuffed in a big bag – probably not good for them!

  7. All squished up together on a single shelf in my closet. If I pull out one, everything falls out.

    Btw. you don’t keep your bags in the dustbag? I thought the leather could get spoilt by too much exposure.

    • It’s funny that you said that, I just moved all my bags and the ones I have dustbags for I put them in… although my speedy for some reason didn’t come with a dustbag… I got it at Saks. 😦

      I’ll post photos soon of my new spot for my bags 🙂

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