Baby it’s Cold Outside

It’s really chilly out, but I thought I’d still wear a little dress. Daring? You decide.

{forever21 dress, UO belt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes}

I guess the look on my face is, do I really want to document this outfit right now? But I got over it.

Update on my handbag organization, I found a new place for my bags! But they are again on a bookshelf. Pics to come later! 🙂 Hope everyone’s week starts flying by… I can’t wait for the weekend!

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7 responses to “Baby it’s Cold Outside

  1. cute dress. i especially love that detail along the neckline. i’m almost jealous that you can wear sandals. it snowed the other day here in NYC.


  2. love the rich burgundy-red! so pretty on you.


  3. i love the color of that dress! it is so pretty on you. great shoes too.

  4. Oh I love your wedges my dear! And I love the snow in your background 🙂

  5. Your dress looks really good! 🙂 I love it 😛

  6. That last photo is such a great photo of you. And the plum/aubergine/soft mauve colour fits you perfectly!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

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