Monthly Archives: January 2011


Dear Friends,

I have decided to stop blogging. It’s been a decision I have been debating over for awhile now, but it’s just been quite difficult for me to really embrace blogging fully. I’m so sick of following other fashion/style/lifestyle blogs only to leave their page feeling envious of their wardrobe or their financial means. I want to live my own life, and I don’t think that sharing what I wear everyday is going to change anyone else’s…. plus I was really excited about the community but a lot of what I am getting back from everyone is shameless self promotion. I’m not saying that I won’t blog anymore. I just need to find some time to spend on myself, reminding myself of who I am, not others that I am trying to emulate.

I started this blog for myself to share one of my interests, fashion + personal style. It’s a bit difficult for me to be doing this now since I am actually in-between jobs and I need to spend 100% of my energy towards finding suitable employment. In addition, I just don’t have the same gusto I used to have for following all the blogs I do. There are a set that I visit daily whom I truly adore and bloggers I do admire. But for the rest, I’m just tired of it all..

Grats to all of those bloggers who are “famous” and living well financially from their blog from being who they are. It’s wonderful to be able to do what you love and make good money doing it. For the time being I am signing off, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I appreciate the virtual friends that I have made 🙂



Winter Blues

All I can think about is Spring, when is it coming? What colors can I wear? Lately I’ve been noticing some of the bloggers I follow are wearing bright/vibrant colors and all I want to do is jump right in to April Showers. But for now, I have to stick to my daily routine… and wear my Winter Blues.

{French Connection Top, Gap Button down, Madewell belt & jeans, Urban Outfitters Shoes, Tiffany’s Bracelets and Thirfted Purse}

On a lighter note, Happy Friday! Hope everyone is having a good day to end their workweek and have relaxing weekend plans!

Winter Summer Here I Come

Today was a balmy 45 degrees, it was sunny, it was warm. I didn’t even have to wear a coat! If you follow me on twitter, then you might have seen my link to the Refinery29 article on how to wear shorts in the winter. Here’s my version!

{NastyGal top, Levi’s cutoffs, Target tights, Kimchi & Blue flats}

I decided to make the jump and wear my red lipstick today. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

This week has been going by pretty quickly. I need to pick up my own productivity to really enjoy this weekend guilt free. I don’t want to feel like I wasted a week and was a glutton all weekend :[


Also, can’t forget Happy Hump DAY!

She and Him – Don’t Look Back

Check out this new video from She and Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward)

I love Zooey’s style, she’s so adorable! (Who doesn’t love Zooey though?)

Party Skirt

{LOFT cardigan, LOFT shell, JCrew skirt, cornerstore tights, Steve Madden boots and Forever 21 necklace}

This is what I wore last Saturday night for a night out on the town. I’d like to say that Kendi’s tip on shopping as part of her Create a Working Closet Series on window shopping to get the best price is so true. I was eying this sequined skirt on JCrew’s website for weeks (it was sitting at a pricey $128 online), and then one day I hit up the store and it was marked down + an additional 40% off which made it about $54.00. I bought it immediately. Waiting for that item you want to go on sale can be completely worth it, especially if you can try it on at the store to make sure it’s a match made in heaven!

Have you gotten any good deals in store or online recently on an item you have been waiting for?