Blog Addict

{H&M Sweater, Ann Taylor Loft Top, Paige Denim, Steve Madden Boots}

Funny story about these silly boots? Well I wore them last night to have dinner with a friend. At the close of dinner we walk out of the restaurant my to-go box in my left and when whoosh! I slipped on the slippery(!) hardwood floor and fell right onto my knees and onto my face. Yup. I was that girl. Thank you silly NO TRACTION mini wedge Steve Madden boots for helping me embarrass myself at one of my favorite restaurants. You’re the best!

I’ve been posting a bit more than usual. I don’t think I’m necessarily addicted to blogging. Yet.  But in case you my dear reader ARE addicted to blogging, you should consider reading this article in Independent Fashion Bloggers by Vahni of Grit and Glamour. It talks about being addicted to blogging and how to get help.

Sure I check my stats a bit during the day, but I don’t get as much traffic as a lot of bloggers out there. I know to expect a little so I’m not 100% focused on my blog. I hope to bring decent content so somewhere out there someone is reading my blog. But if not, really this blog is for myself and myself only.


9 responses to “Blog Addict

  1. I think this is written about me.

    I check my stats at least 6-7 times a day, and I’m really ruthless about making sure I have something scheduled every day.

    I see my traffic take a huge dip if I don’t post for a few days… so I tend to get a bit obsessive. I think it’s because one day I want to earn revenue off my site… Shit, I’ve been blogging for 10 years! On actual sites for 8. It’s about time. Anyway, I have my own personal site for personal things… so in a way both are for me, even if one is very much focused on getting shit done.

    • At least you are posting with some sort of goal in mind. My focus is a bit all over the place with my blog. I know I’m not truly focused on anything except recording my outfits, and that’s for me. I’m not trendsetting either so I doubt that I’ll be getting any revenue from my blog or free swag from companies anytime soon. But that’s okay with me!

  2. Yikes, how embarrassing! They’re cute boots, though!

  3. cute outfit1 love the cardigan:)))

  4. Girl, I am WITH you on these boots. I have them in cognac and the little wedge slips out from under me on slick floors frequently. I love them so much though that I don’t even mind — they’re SO cute.
    xo Josie

  5. I got similar boots from Steve Madden but I haven’t taken them out of the box! I bet they got no traction either!

    I don’t know what my stats are, I never check!


    Happy, Happy New Year!


  6. Hello lovely! Thank you so very much for the mention! I appreciate it. And I also appreciate you stopping by G&G to leave a comment.

    Great sweater too. Such a versatile piece.


  7. I love V, reread that post for a healthy reminder (still not an addict though!). I love the blouse- it’s gorgeous, and sorry about the fall. . I do it all the time, even in shoes with traction – I’m a klutz. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, I appreciate it.

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