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New Polish

Yes it’s that time of year. Fall nail polish colors! I got the buy 2 get 1 free at Ulta!



I finally got to hit up the National Zoo! Here are a couple highlights.

This next photo is one of my favorites… it’s a giant panda who planted himself in the middle of some bamboo… he just started chomping away. Nom nom nom.

I’m not going to share too many highlights since I live right down the street from the Zoo.. I am sure I’ll be sharing more photos sooner or later!

I wore a F21 dress and cynthia vincent for target sandals.

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dog day afternoon

Earlier this week, I spent a few days dog sitting. I’m not too fond of little dogs, but after spending so much time with these little Yorkies I couldn’t help but love them more and more.

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absolutely adorable

the cherry blossom girl


I do love dogs, but these two little Yorkies have captured my heart these last few years. Their names are Butzy and Emma, they’re my bf’s sisters dogs. They’re sisters! They don’t really act like dogs… more like little toddlers. They’re quiet but they like to play and hang out with everyone. Much of the time you can find them on a soft surface napping.


These girls are definitely in my top 3 favorite dogs!

Emma sleeping on her ghostbusters blanke