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Reunited and it Feels so Good

I left one of my favorite pieces at home in Illinois. Finally, we are reunited.

{mike & chris bailey bubble coat, LOFT sweater, paige premium denim and Ugg adirondack boots}

I look sad because I’m having some issues with my contacts. What I really need is to save up some money to get myself a pair of glasses!!! I never thought I would want a pair so bad…

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Holidays Are Here

I wore this last Friday night to a friend’s Holiday Party! It was TONS of fun, I’m so glad I went!

{LOFT sweater, Target skirt, Gap tights and Urban Outfitters boots}

Hope everyone gets some time off for the Christmas holiday to relax and treat themselves this week!

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The Big Chill

Apparently it’s so “cold” here in DC because we have a Canadian front down here? Whaaa? Yeah that’s right… Anyways I need to bring my warm snow boots from Chicago back here to keep these toes warm asap! Is it cold where you are too?

{Zara top, abercrombie & fitch sweater, american apparel skirt, target tights, LOFT flats}

I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to next week! It will be Christmas and I will be heading home to Chicago once again! I’m so excited!! We are going to be road tripping back, I just hope it doesn’t snow! 😦 Anyone else have plans for Christmas?

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we don’t need to say goodbye

Last week I wasn’t posting much, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned my blog. No, I’ve been thinking about it. But, I’m not going to post just to fill cyberspace. I was busy last week, and things happen. So sorry for not being around last week, but I’m here now! Here is a little glimpse into what I was up to.

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the punk rock show

I went to a concert last weekend with my boyfriend. it came up pretty quickly, we had seen this band together before, and funny thing is they are the only band I’ve seen live more than once. I enjoy concerts, but I just.. don’t go to too many of them. the concertwas on the west side, which was pretty quiet… even for a Sunday night.

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