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Here we are. Outfit number 8/30 for the 30 for 30 challenge! (more info here) Looking back on it, on the day I wore this outfit, I did a TON of stuff. But that will be saved for another post. (It mostly involved food) Anyways it has continued to stay hot and rain frequently in Chicago, so you just never know. But my outfit, made it through all the weather changes of the day.

I wore a black t-shirt (29), zara people skirt (16), and anya hindmarch sandals (24).

I also accessorized throughout the day with my rayban wayfarers, thrifted leather bag and rosette barette. That evening I went to millenium park to watch Caribou play a free show in the park! They were great, I had never heard of them or heard their music before. I highly recommend them if you are into upbeat electronica dancy music.


And now for outfit 7. If you are new to my blog, or just haven’t been reading these last few weeks. I’m doing 30 for 30 with a ton of other bloggers. For the full deets, read my Intro to 30 for 30 here. And also, I wanted to say that I am playing catch up with my posts, forgive me. But all outfits will obviously be eventually posted in these next couple weeks.

I wore a black cotton juicy couture dress as a top (17) an american apparel skirt (12) and anya hindmarch sandals (22) which I scored from gilt (need an invite?)


Sorry for not posting these last couple of days. I really have been on blogging overload I think, and now I’m just trying to balance things. Some major changes are happening and I’ve really got to focus on that. But, I won’t forget about my little blog.

My outfit is so simple. I’m wearing my jean vest (4), F21 tunic/tank as a dress (3) and jeffrey campbell clogs (24).

oh, my sandals are starting to die, and I think I’m going to have to switch out some shoes in my 30 for 30 list. sad panda.



I was getting sick of those long post titles, so I’m going to switch things up and just do what number out of 30 my post is! Todays outfit is just a simple one, with no accessories. Lately I have really been into not wearing any jewelry either, I think that’s because it’s so hot in the summer and I don’t like feeling weighed down by my outfit OR accessories.

I am wearing my black F21 blouse (2) + levis shorts (15) + target espadrilles (24).

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30 for 30 – Outfit #4

Sorry some of these photos are a little blurry. I don’t have my amazing BF to help me take my pics so I was working on using the self timer on my point and shoot. I think that you can still get the gist of my outfit.

I wore my white cotton dress (18) + gap gray cardigan (28) and target sandals (23). I also accessorized with a wide yellow belt.

My AC at home is broken.. so I’m going nuts with this heat!

Stay cool friends!

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