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Direct Communication

The thing that is wrong with people these days is not using direct communication. It makes life so much easier, for most of my blog readers, we are all adults, I thinkĀ  we can handle the truth.

You looking for a new job? Oh wait, you have a job and you lied to me about who you are working for. That’s fine, my job is better than yours.

You’re too busy to talk to me? Oh wait, you’re too busy pick up the phone? You know what? That’s fine, I have other friends that actually want to spend time with me.

It’s funny because the people that can’t tell the truth are usually negative nancies. I’m happy to hear criticisms if they are true, I try to be open minded. This post is obviously a rant, but a couple people sucking at communication get their own post.

On this serious note, life is a lot easier when people directly answer questions. Cut the crap.