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{Cardigan, dress and shoes from Urban Outfitters. Tights from Target}

I’ve been thinking about New Years Resolutions and I’ve decided I’ll be trying to live healthier! First thing is I’m giving up pop! (there is one exception, and that is drinking pop at bars..) Second thing is I’m going to learn to cook a larger variety of dishes and I’m going to start with this Chinese cookbook my dad got me… I’m really excited about learning to cook more dishes, cooking has really become something I enjoy. Anyone want to share some recipes with me? Send them to me at emilythepanda(at)gmail.com! I’d love to learn your favorite dishes 🙂

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This is a bit late in posting, I meant to post it when I wore this (Thursday) but I fell asleep waay early and didn’t get a chance til now! Anyways onto the photos!

I wore a LOFT cardigan, dress from Need Supply, tights from target, and boots from Steve Madden.

These past few days have been exceptionally colder, I guess winter is coming to DC! I am trying to dress accordingly, and trying to layer appropriately. It’s challenging because I don’t have  car so I need to dress for comfort and warmth! I’ve been trained well by the bitter Chicago wind, so I think I can brave the DC cold. 🙂

How do you guys stay warm in the winter and still look cute?

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Potomac Yard

Lunch and outfit photos.

I wore a dress from need supply, peter pan collared top from urban outfitters and oxfords from zara.

30 for 30 – Outfit #4

Sorry some of these photos are a little blurry. I don’t have my amazing BF to help me take my pics so I was working on using the self timer on my point and shoot. I think that you can still get the gist of my outfit.

I wore my white cotton dress (18) + gap gray cardigan (28) and target sandals (23). I also accessorized with a wide yellow belt.

My AC at home is broken.. so I’m going nuts with this heat!

Stay cool friends!

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cold has creeped back into my life. and so have the tights. which is not necessarily a bad thing.  When I got this dress I thought that the skirt was a floral print, little did I know it was just a bright astraction. Continue reading