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nordstrom mailer circa feb 2010

so yesterday i just got the Nordstrom catalog for february 2010. i was excited about shopping for spring, but this catalog really did it for me. pages and pages of SHOES plus cute dresses to boot. Continue reading

wearing today

today Chicago is forecasted to receive over 14″ of snow in the next 48 hours. it’s been snowing consistently all day.. somehow it hasn’t affected me getting around town just yet! but we shall see for the afternoon rush hour. I’m about to test out a new gps too! I hate driving, but it’s nice when it’s blizzarding out to have a gps and good tires on your toyota 4runner! Continue reading


lust list [february]

a new week is about to start. i’m kind of in this limbo place, i’m ready to start a bunch of new things… but I have so much opportunity I’m not sure which way to go. Ever feel like that? Something that i am REALLY excited about is getting a DSLR and an Ukulele in the next few weeks. Practicality is not really me I suppose… but I can finally put my “eye” to work with a great lens, who knows what will come out of it? plus i’ve been itching to learn the Ukulele for a few years now… waiting any longer i think will just make me put it off forever! i can’t wait to share some tunes with you once i learn it! well back to the style blogging… Continue reading

back in action

hey everyone, so I haven’t been very consistent these last few days or weeks with the blog. but i can assure you  that i am back, and i am all yours bloggerverse! for the past 4 months i have been working as an organizer on a primary campaign in IL for an amazing candidate, we went from nothing to being 1 point behind our biggest opponent. We lost. but in the end, we did everything we could possibly do to try to win. i have no regrets, all i can do is do what i can to make sure we win as many seats as we can for the dems, of IL is in big big trouble and so may the nations policies. I know I don’t talk about politics much here, or at all, because i keep it completely separate, but I just wanted to let you all know what I have been up to all this time. If you want to talk to me about politics, campaigns or issues more feel free to e-mail me at emilythepanda@gmail.com My blog is not a place where I want to discuss these things and I will leave it at that. I’ve got some time off for awhile now, and I will be back and actively reading your blogs too. here is a little bit of the regular stuff for you… Continue reading