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Winter Summer Here I Come

Today was a balmy 45 degrees, it was sunny, it was warm. I didn’t even have to wear a coat! If you follow me on twitter, then you might have seen my link to the Refinery29 article on how to wear shorts in the winter. Here’s my version!

{NastyGal top, Levi’s cutoffs, Target tights, Kimchi & Blue flats}

I decided to make the jump and wear my red lipstick today. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

This week has been going by pretty quickly. I need to pick up my own productivity to really enjoy this weekend guilt free. I don’t want to feel like I wasted a week and was a glutton all weekend :[


Also, can’t forget Happy Hump DAY!


happy friday!

happy friday! are you all excited for your weekend? this is a really big weekend for me and my work, i’m excited about it and i hope it goes really well! do you guys have any special plans for this weekend? i’ll probably take it easy in the evenings… i have a very full weekend and next couple of days ahead of me. Continue reading

wearing today: thanksgiving

wearing today: thanksgiving

sorry the picture is a little blue.

this was my thanksgiving outfit. later in the evening i realized I should have worn pants that were stretchy or a dress, something with an expanding waistband. I hope I remember that for next year.

headband – target
top – urban outfitters
vest – h&m
jeans – earnest sewn
flats – tory burch

wearing today 11/19

Still trying different ways to take pictures. But I like the first one, it came out pretty clear too. I’m still saving up for my DSLR you will all have to wait at least several months before I have money for that and for me to post DSLR quality pics!

at the end of the work day I had one of my co-workers take a picture of me. as you can see i decided to let loose with the outfit. and i’m not used to having someone take my picture for me.

it has been a long week, i can’t believe i’m 24 and thanksgiving is coming. i’m planning on seeing new moon this weekend. who else is watching it? i’m going to make chilli tomorrow night too! i love having my one night a week I can be home early and make something for myself… that’s what happens when work is life.

blouse – martin+osa
cardigan – bdg
belt – urban outfitters
blazer – unknown
jeans – madewell
flats – kate spade