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Last Sunday I went to this place for brunch called Taste in Broad Ripple. Interestingly enough, their food was good and tasted good. But, their service was lacking. We waited 50 minutes from ordering our food to getting it served to our table. I’m not really sure what their malfunction is, but they’re just losing business by not serving more of their food to more people! Anyways, here are some photos of what we had for your viewing pleasure.

Now I’m hungry again.

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Ping Pong Dim Sum

I have found a spot in DC that serves Dim Sum worthy of my tastebuds!

I didn’t think I’d be able to find a place that made dim sum that I would really truly enjoy, lo and behold Ping Pong Dim Sum filled that void. If you live in DC or are going to visit the DC area, AND you like Dim Sum, you should give Ping Pong a try. It’s traditional dim sum (food, there are no carts) and a little high end mixed together. The food is not cheap, but it’s properly priced for the tasty factor + presentation.

We ordered shu mai, har gao, char siu bun, chicken puff and traditional sticky rice. In the second to last photo the shu mai was SO hot it steamed up the lens of my camera! I’m so glad we found this place, I was wondering if I would have to wait til I went home to Chicago or up to NYC to have dim sum again.


Tuesday night I went out for dinner at Kushi on K street with my man. (Date night!) Check out the photos below.

Overall, everything was really tasty. But, a tad expensive. We even used a groupon! [We ate edamame, miso soup, waygu beef, salmon filet, sashimi plate and clams] Plus I ate so much (I ate the entire Sashimi plate) and I was still hungry 15 minutes after dinner was over… I guess I am just an eating machine! I reccomend going to Kushi at least to try, they have hibachi, and sushi/sashimi. They don’t have too many traditional items on their menu though if that is what you are craving!

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Georgetown Cupcake


Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake!

lauriol plaza

here is a little food porn for now. have a wonderful weekend! -e