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What’s so great about Purdue? Why do I love it? Well first of all, I’m a Purdue Alum. Exactly, I’m a Boilermaker!!! One of my favorite things about being a Boilermaker is our traditions. Nobody has traditions like Purdue.

Ten Reasons why Purdue is Awesome.

1. Our mascot, the Boilermaker Special is a Train. Yep. A TRAIN people! It can pick you up for class, wake you up for the football game, go 60mph, make a sweet toot toot sound and carry a bunch of Boilermakers to the game.

2. Our *other* mascots. Purdue Pete (he’s the one with the hammer), Rowdy (retired!), Boilermaker Extra Special, The Bell Tower and the World’s Largest Drum.

3. All of our buildings on campus are made with red brick. Everything looks uniform. You won’t find a random contemporary building anywhere on campus…

4. Purdue is a land grand school. It was founded in 1869 by John Purdue who donated $200,000 of his own money which is why it is named after him. John Purdue is even buried on campus.

5. We have 22 alumni who are astronauts. No that is not a typo, freaking ASTRONAUTS! Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are two of them.  You may have heard of them? They were the first men on the moon? My last year at Purdue the Neil Armstrong engineering building was completed. I even had the joy of taking my environmental law class there my last semester. (Other famous alum who I am very thankful for: Orville Redenbacher!)

6. We have this tradition called fountain runs. Have you heard of it? Well, it’s pretty self explanatory, you aren’t a Boilermaker unless you RUN through one the fountains on campus! (no bathing suits either, you wear whatever you are wearing and run!) Bonus points if you run through both the fountains and through the sprinklers!

7. Sledding on Slayter Hill.

The most fun you can have in the winter without being under the influence would have to be when it snows. Everyone comes out and goes sledding on Slayter Hill. If you go check it out people use everything to go down the hill from regular sleds to mattresses to empty cases of beer! I was fortunate enough to enjoy a snow day during undergrad and I went sledding with my friends in the blizzard.

8. Breakfast Club.

What is it? You think it’s a movie don’t you? Well nope, you are completely wrong. Breakfast Club is my favorite tradition at Purdue. It’s when we have a home football game, every person who is of age to drink (21+ people!!) gets up early, puts on a Halloween costume and gets drunk at the bars. You wonder why sometimes there are kids in costume on tv when we have afternoon games?  Breakfast club my friends.

9. Harry’s Chocolate Shop.

No, there isn’t any chocolate there. No candy either. Actually there are no sweets but there is popcorn if you’re interested. Harry’s is hands down, the best bar at school. You could catch me there on any given weekend with my friends. It’s got two floors, the upstairs has a spot called the fishbowl which everyone tries to get in on. My favorite place to sit was the table right by the stairs on the first floor. Walk around campus and I guarantee you can’t go 5 minutes without somebody wear a Harry’s shirt that says GO UGLY EARLY  or DRINK ‘EM CUTE on the back.

10. Triple X.

No it’s not a place with porn, it’s a DINER! It is the diner. It’s open 24 hours every day except Sundays, they close @ 8pm. I loved getting up and going there to eat before class, after a night out drinking, or after going to Jake’s for breakfast club. You can get a peanut butter burger. Best root beer around, it’s triple x strong. My recommendation is to get the Drew Bree’s special. 2 biscuits with gravy, 2 eggs your choice, steak, and potatoes. It’s what Drew Brees ate when he attended Purdue!

I’m pretty sure I could go on forever about how awesome my school is. But these are my top 10 reasons why I love it. Where did you go to school and if you love(d) it why?


Since I am from Chicago, I’ll be posted up by the TV shortly watching the Bears game. It’s funny how growing up I hated football because my High School team never won any games, plus I played volleyball so I had games or practice when their games were. I just never got into it. Once I started college, I was thrown deep into football culture, I went to a Big 10 school (Purdue) and my town, was a football town. There’s nothing like, getting pumped for the game by dressing up in Halloween costumes and getting drunk at 7am for Breakfast Club at Where Else? trying to get on College Game Day, when the rest of the school had the same idea, having the Boilermaker Special make its rounds and being woken up on game day mornings to the toot toot of the train, plus having Drew Brees as a Purdue Alum doesn’t hurt either.

During college I was all about Big 10 football, and the Bears (of course). But, I wasn’t open to the idea of other schools having better programs than us, wasn’t into hearing about how great the Patriots were. Since leaving school I’ve had to admit the SEC is the best (when I was in Atlanta and airport security wouldn’t let me through without an ID) and also be drawn into watching the Red Raiders (in 2008) on their fairy tale run. Even though I am opening up to other teams and their talents, when it comes to pro sports, I can never root for another team, it’s Bears, Bulls, Sox and Blackhawks for me.  Anyone else have hometown pride?

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