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a picture a day

captain cook, hawaii.

Captain Cook came to Hawaii in the late 1700’s, the Hawaiians believed he was a God and that his crew were immortals. When the Hawaiians figured out Captain Cook was not immortal, they killed him. Sucks to be Captain Cook, but it is a very beautiful spot on the Big Island.


a picture a day

my favorite picture that i’ve taken of a sunset.

taken in Hawaii in 2005.


I’m thinking about getting a new camera. I’ve had my Canon SD400 since 2005, and it was amazing when I took pictures in Hawaii back then. But now, I feel like it’s just not suiting my needs. I don’t take 13476235892 pictures every time I go somewhere, but I want take a couple fabulous pictures, maybe ones that I could put up on my blog here? I’m considering saving up and getting a Canon D400. Although asking other people, many are split between Canon and Nikon. I’m leaning towards Canon, one of my first favorite cameras was a Canon Elph which shot 35mm.

Growing up I took a lot of pictures, mostly of my friends, not too many of myself. Not saying I want to take tons of pictures of myself now, I just want to make sure I document things I want to remember and the beauty of the everyday. I’m inspired by looking at fellow flickr members pictures and from bloggers. For now, it’s just a thought, I’m sure you will notice if I get a new camera.