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Reunited and it Feels so Good

I left one of my favorite pieces at home in Illinois. Finally, we are reunited.

{mike & chris bailey bubble coat, LOFT sweater, paige premium denim and Ugg adirondack boots}

I look sad because I’m having some issues with my contacts. What I really need is to save up some money to get myself a pair of glasses!!! I never thought I would want a pair so bad…

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Winter Wonderland

I wore this on Wednesday, just in time for eating my favorite foods and a little Christmas shopping.

{Madewell shell, abercrombie and fitch cardigan, anna sui for target vest, paige premium denim, ugg adirondack boots, north face hat, jcrew fingerless gloves, and coach bag}

I wore this last week on Wednesday! Hope everyone had an enjoying Christmas/holiday weekend. Today I am still in CHICAGO! Well, with the winter storms blasting the Northeast, the route home seemed a bit dangerous to drive on today. We are hoping to head back tomorrow morning! I’m feeling mixed, I wouldn’t mind staying here until next week, but I do need to get back eventually… We will just have to see how the weather goes!

Happy Monday!

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This is a bit late in posting, I meant to post it when I wore this (Thursday) but I fell asleep waay early and didn’t get a chance til now! Anyways onto the photos!

I wore a LOFT cardigan, dress from Need Supply, tights from target, and boots from Steve Madden.

These past few days have been exceptionally colder, I guess winter is coming to DC! I am trying to dress accordingly, and trying to layer appropriately. It’s challenging because I don’t have  car so I need to dress for comfort and warmth! I’ve been trained well by the bitter Chicago wind, so I think I can brave the DC cold. 🙂

How do you guys stay warm in the winter and still look cute?

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wearing today

wearing today: 12/29

The high today was 19 degrees fahrenheit. I didn’t want to wear pants so I just layered. And by layered I really mean my tights. I wore tights over tights. In addition I wore a few shirts underneath my dress. I stayed relatively warm all day, luckily I was inside for almost the entire day as well. For a few of the pictures I used a timer, and the picture quality came out surprisingly well. You amaze me everyday my dear camera… Not gonna lie though I think that I might have had too much going on today. It’s all in the details but when the details are too much the picture gets muddied. In my defense, I thought that the ruffles on my dress where an interesting contrast to my flannel shirt. But I wanted to do double tights all along! Continue reading

wearing today

worn: 12/19/09
where: friends housewarming party

put this together on the fly, not bad for a few minutes of decision making right? i went to my friends housewarming party, it was pretty darn cold up here in Chicago and I thought it would be smart to layer a dress to stay warm! Not pictured: ribbed tights, ugg adirondack boots and my down coat!

photos taken courtesy of my bf, he’s a good photographer right?

dress: american apparel
skirt: urban outfitters