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typical day

nordstrom mailer circa feb 2010

so yesterday i just got the Nordstrom catalog for february 2010. i was excited about shopping for spring, but this catalog really did it for me. pages and pages of SHOES plus cute dresses to boot. Continue reading

the best present i ever got

I was just looking at new blog entry from cupcakes and cashmere, where Emily Schulman asked her readers, what is the best present you have ever received?

I commented, and wrote that my cat was the best present I ever got. Let me tell you guys how I got my beloved cat. The cutest member of my family.

When I was twelve, my brother received a kitten for christmas. He came via a friend who got him at an animal shelter. He was soo small. He could sit in the palm of my hand. I remember he cried when we all went to bed because he didn’t want to be alone. He was so sad he would squeeze under the crack of my parents door, get in their room and climb into bed with them, snuggling in between them.

As time went, he grew up to be a big boy cat, and a big part of my familys life. He has been a constant happiness to me and my parents. He never fails to be by our side, he sleeps in my bed with me everynight, he used to wake me up for class when he lived with me at school, he comes when you call him, he knows chinese and english, and he is the friendliest cat I have ever known.

He also begs. Just like a puppy would.

He is happy to greet strangers and get to know you. He loves a party, unless there are children. If you aren’t a “Cat person” you probably will be once you meet Sparky. He has been a constant companion for me, and I don’t know what I am going to do when he passes away (he is getting quite old). He is my best friend and little brother. He is the last baby my parents have to take care of. He absolutely adores my mom and dad.  I can’t imagine growing up without him.

I love you Sparky.

Panda? Who?

I thought I’d take a minute to explain why my blog is named emilypanda, since I don’t have a panda themed background or any panda related posts. My favorite animal is the Red Panda, also known as the lesser panda.  You may think they sound mythical but they are completely real and even more adorable. They look like raccoons and can grow to the size of the average house cat. I decided to name my blog emilypanda because I love pandas, especially the Red Panda.

Red Panda sign on the Asia Trail at the DC National Zoo

Red Pandas live in China and share part of their territory with the Giant Panda. I’ve only seen Red Pandas eating bamboo but they do eat berries, blossoms, birds eggs and other plant leaves. Pandas take about 12 months to reach their adult size and once they are adults they like to live solitary lives. Finally, Red Pandas are endangered due to their loss of habitat and there are only about 2,500 Red Pandas left.

My favorite Red Panda is Tate, he resides at the DC National Zoo, I saw him last February when he first moved to DC from Jersey. I watched him for a good 20 minutes while he explored his new home and followed the lovely Sharma (whom he took a great liking to immediately). I hope to be back to DC in the near future to be able to visit Tate again!

Note: The below are pictures of Tate and his mate Sharma. Sharma has more White fur on her face if you wanted to tell the difference.

Tate and his new Ladyfriend

Panda Kiss

Panda Kiss