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New Polish

Yes it’s that time of year. Fall nail polish colors! I got the buy 2 get 1 free at Ulta!



Anthropologie and What is beautiful?

So today I happened to find that there is an Anthropologie store, 5 minutes from where I currently reside. How did I never notice this? Is it new?! Well, I’m excited about it. I get their catalog in the mail, and peruse their website every so often. But, I never get anything online because I’d rather go into the store.

Their shop is always decorated in a very quirky way, and their clothes are beautiful, the draping, the colors, the shapes the dresses take… I could go on and on. But I decided to just show you my favorite things they have right now.


their clothes are so pretty! many of their pieces are created by their own designers… they also have very pretty and femme lingerie pieces.


my favorite things to look at though are their aprons!!  aren’t they adorable? I’d love to get one someday =)


Most recently I saw a book they had that I liked, and lucky for me, my boyfriend gave it to me as a gift.


It’s really cool, I love maps, and I’m very pro public transit.. this book compiles maps of rail systems all over the world! It’s such an interesting read.

For now, I shall continue to browse online, but I’m sure I will end up in the store sometime in the very near future.

Note: all photos are taken from the anthropologie website.

nordstrom mailer circa feb 2010

so yesterday i just got the Nordstrom catalog for february 2010. i was excited about shopping for spring, but this catalog really did it for me. pages and pages of SHOES plus cute dresses to boot. Continue reading

lust list [february]

a new week is about to start. i’m kind of in this limbo place, i’m ready to start a bunch of new things… but I have so much opportunity I’m not sure which way to go. Ever feel like that? Something that i am REALLY excited about is getting a DSLR and an Ukulele in the next few weeks. Practicality is not really me I suppose… but I can finally put my “eye” to work with a great lens, who knows what will come out of it? plus i’ve been itching to learn the Ukulele for a few years now… waiting any longer i think will just make me put it off forever! i can’t wait to share some tunes with you once i learn it! well back to the style blogging… Continue reading