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Madewell Wishlist

How do I resist Madewell everyday? No clue. Madewell (if someone you are living under a rock for the past few years) is J.Crew’s little sister brand, and you can see the similarities in style/styling/price. Somehow, there is something about the way Madwell’s pieces are, they just appeal to me more than J.Crew! I wish I made a bit more every month so I could buy every piece in each season’s collection! Oh yeah also if you are an Alexa Chung lover, she had a collaboration collection with Madewell which was launched earlier this fall. Truth be told it was sold out within days! Anyways, here are a few dresses from my personal wishlist.

I just love how each look is styled. Don’t you?

But the best piece I could ask for this winter would be this adorable hat! Too bad they don’t have it in my big head’s size anymore!

{all photos are from Madewell}

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Goodnight Moon

It’s been a long day. I can check 1 thing off my October wishlist already, my bookshelf! I already bought it, AND put it together all by myself! (It’s a big accomplishment for me) I’m starting my new job tomorrow, (we have training) and it’s 2:12 am. I’m going to go to bed soon, I want to be ready for it all. Also, tomorrow is a big day for Chicago as well, we find out if we got the Olympics for 2016 (hopefully not.)

October Wishlist

So, my birthday is coming (next month) and christmas. Today I tried to persuade my brother to buy me a new winter coat. So it made me think about a wish list. If I could have anything I’d get a digital SLR.

Something else that would help me get through this winter, a puffy down coat. Can you guys tell my brother to get it for me?

A new television for my living room that is not haunted.

Another bookshelf for my room. My book collection just grows and grows…

And last, Strega Nona’s spaghetti pot so I can always have some pasta!

What’s in your wish list for this month?