Party Skirt

{LOFT cardigan, LOFT shell, JCrew skirt, cornerstore tights, Steve Madden boots and Forever 21 necklace}

This is what I wore last Saturday night for a night out on the town. I’d like to say that Kendi’s tip on shopping as part of her Create a Working Closet Series on window shopping to get the best price is so true. I was eying this sequined skirt on JCrew’s website for weeks (it was sitting at a pricey $128 online), and then one day I hit up the store and it was marked down + an additional 40% off which made it about $54.00. I bought it immediately. Waiting for that item you want to go on sale can be completely worth it, especially if you can try it on at the store to make sure it’s a match made in heaven!

Have you gotten any good deals in store or online recently on an item you have been waiting for?

7 responses to “Party Skirt

  1. Love your skirt! 🙂

  2. i am a HUGE sucker for sequins….loving that skirt!!!

  3. Adore that skirt. I especially love it dressed down like you have it. Sequins don’t have to be for special occasions or night time. Everyday calls for a sequin or two.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. I like your skirt!!! Beautiful!!!

  5. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. The entire outfit. Both styles. I LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

    With the silk tank, it’s great, esp with the necklaces, but the cardigan with the skirt… because the cardi is tight… omg! Put a neutral belt over that, or even a gold one, and some sexy heels… omgx2.

    You look great! And the smoky eye is a really, really great look for you. You have a great head, have you ever thought of getting long rounded bangs? With that updo and bangs, you’d look even lovelier, maybe…

    God, you look beautiful. I’m in awe. I really want this outfit.

    … I’m rambling.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  6. I love the sass and sparkle of that skirt!

  7. i just love the sparkly skirt mixed with the otherwise dark colors in this outfit! this seems like something you could wear in any season, just mixing up the accessories.

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